everyone says that they prefer to “shop local”, but what does that really mean? there are many small businesses in our area, many of them are just distributors for large corporation products… yes, i would prefer for a local business owner to make a profit regardless of what they are selling, but what if…

what if there were a place that you can purchase items that are ONLY made here in oviedo?

we have many clients that create and manufacture products right here in oviedo and you probably never knew it. we have space in our lobby to become a source to purchase these items and are considering adding an “oviedo only store”. what do you think? we know it doesn’t go hand-in-hand with our printing and graphic services, but we see great potential to get the word out about these companies and allow you to REALLY shop local!

items to purchase would include a high-end line of men’s and women’s activewear shirts, a full line of essential oils, incenses and accessories, fishing accessories, barbecue sauces, greeting cards / art prints from local artists and much more! would you consider stopping at whitney printing the next time you need to purchase one of these items, a gift for someone, or just to browse? do you have a product that you manufacture in oviedo and need a place for it to be sold to retail customers?

we are looking for feedback… email rick@whitneyprinting.com and let me know your thoughts (good or bad). we would like to see if this is an idea worth pursuing.

thanks, rick