samples of our work

we are constantly asked why we do not post samples of our work on our website. we have many reasons, but I will explain just a few…

since we are a “fully custom” design and printing company, all logo design and marketing materials are “intellectual property” belonging to our clients. by posting samples it not only infringes on their privacy, but could potentially give our competition an idea of who our clients are. we have actual samples of just about everything that we have created in the last 14 years and we would be happy to show them to you when you stop in for your consultation. we are a “niche” design and printing company and pride ourselves on the fact that we do NOT have a template book for you to choose from. every order and every design is created after we discuss your project and come up with ideas TOGETHER. our entire business philosophy, and the way we operate, is to do everything that we can to NOT be like other printing companies… NO online ordering, NO template books, NO batch printing. (also, i do not like busy, confusing websites and prefer our site to be clean, simple and informative).

if you are currently searching for a design and print company that has excellent customer service, knowledge, experience and the ability to understand YOU and the importance of your business and marketing materials, give us a try… you will see the difference on your first visit.

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